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At Sønderhaus, we take pride in creating timeless pieces that resonate across generations. Some of our most treasured items are garments that we've stolen from our parents closets. From the beginning, prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices has been a driving force for our founders.

Together with Calico, our trusted third party partner, we ensure that all factories we work with embody the values of sustainability and ethics. Calico implements a multi-level approach to each factory that includes the following:

- Self assessment which the factory completes based on our core areas, social and environmental principles
- Full in-person inspection with supporting materials
- Regular QC checks which inform our performance monitoring for each facility which is reviewed on a very regular basis.

We work with factories only vetted by Calico in the following countries : China, Turkey, and India. We are always working to expand our network of factories who upload the values and ethics required to ensure fair and ethical labor.

But our commitment goes deeper, we craft our garments using natural fibers that can be recycled or composted after years of love and repair. When necessary to the construction or nature of the garment, we use recycled polyester to help reduce the waste created by the fashion industry.

Understanding the financial considerations of sustainable shopping, we strive to price our pieces fairly. In addition to this we have introduced Sønderhaus Seconds, an initiative created to reduce waste, while still providing quality pieces to all.

Don't hesitate to reach out with questions about our sustainability practices to